📥SuiPad Staking & Tiering

SuiPad Tier System is one of the core of SuiPad Platform, ensuring certain level of commitment and allowing stakers to participate in project IDO.

SuiPad Staking & Tiering go hand-in-hand. To qualify for a specific tier, you must stake $SUIP tokens on SuiPad. Now let's dive into tokens staking:

There are 6 tiers, namely:

  • Ruby: 2,500 SUIP staked

  • Sapphire: 5,000 SUIP staked

  • Emerald: 10,000 SUIP staked

  • Diamond: 30,000 SUIP staked

  • Crown: 50,000 SUIP staked

  • Sui: 100,000 SUIP staked

The more SUIP you stake, the higher tier you earn, the bigger allocation size you get for project IDO.

There will be a 15 days of cool-down period after staking.

We constantly review our tiering, weightage and distribution mechanism to ensure the most fair model for our community.

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