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Project Onboarding

Our Selection Process
We believe in great team and great product. We are super excited to see projects with amazing communities. While there are a lot of criterias to look at when we select a project, we are most interested in great minds, teams, innovation, with all the checkbox below being checked:
-Backers (vc, partners, advisors)
-Finance (burn-rate, fundraised, projected revenue)
-Product (pain-point, product-market-fit, innovation, DAU, MAU)
-Economics (revenue model)
-Tokenomics (structure, vesting schedule, initial circ supply, inflation rate)
-Marketing (go-to-market strategy, growth strategy)
-Community (statistics, engagement, regions)
-Listing plan (Dex, Cex)
-Liquidity (total liquidity vs selling pressure)
-Market maker
-Legal (KYC, AML)