The Launchpad Problems We Want to Address:

Time Consuming Token Sale Process

Launchpad Participants need to keep track with the IDO time, adjust their schedule to make sure they participate the IDO on time

Lack of Information about IDO Projects

Most AMA and project information favors the project owners more. IDO investors need to know whats happening behind the scene

Token Price Falls below IDO Price

Many IDO Participants suffer from tokens dumping right after TGE, especially in bear market

SuiPad Killer Features

Easy IDO Launchpad

We try to simplify the IDO subscription: Eligible participants will have 48 hours to commit the USDC / SUI to the IDO pool and get tokens automatically after IDO ended, at the same time we are giving high priority to both UI and UX. We feel that this is one of the most important factors to onboard new(bie) users to the Sui ecosystem.

Sui Tank

The Web3 Shark Tank. 6 panelists ready to grill the project owners from ground up so that participants can see the real deal behind every projects, eliminating the camouflage that most projects tend to do nowadays.

SuiPad Shield Insurance

An innovative insurance feature to safeguard participants' principal capital, tailoring to everyone's risk appetite

Get to know SuiPad!

SuiPad platform will be an all-in-one solution for SuiPad, with integrated wallet, vesting marketplace and transaction management. All major Sui wallets will be supported. The platform will extend any connected wallet with inline wallet management. The user does not have to leave the platform to see token balances, send or receive tokens or manage token accounts. Experienced users can still manage their wallet through their wallet provider, and any changes will directly be reflected on the platform.

For Projects

SuiPad is the first decentralized launchpad on the Sui Network. With Sui building the safest and most scalable Layer 1 blockchain for the next billion users, SuiPad is engineered from the ground up to empower Sui project owners (both Token & NFT), by offering a strategized token launch experience with customized launch model, time period, accepted token types and auction algorithms. SuiPad only succeeds if our launchpad projects succeed.

For Launchpad Participants

Decentralization and Community is the ultimate driver of the Web 3.0 economy, and with SuiPad proprietary launch models, we have combined tier-based and lottery allocation to ensure fair rewards distribution for all token holders. That said, we also understand participating in launchpad IDOs is a high risk - high reward activity hence we hold escrow for projects funds to safeguard investors' principal capital.

What are IDOs?

Tokens in the round called Initial DEX Offering (IDO) will be issued in a fully autonomous and decentralized manner through the use of smart-contracts. With SuiPad, tokens or NFT projects will be able to raise liquidity cheap and fast. Users will be able to participate in a secure, risk- adjusted environment, as well as supercharging the next wave of crypto projects on the Sui Network.

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